Making the Most of The BrocanteHome Community

I want you to know that it is OK if you are feeling muddled by all the bells and whistles of the new community and indeed about how to make the most of it. I am myself, and if I’m still learning, then be assured that over the next few weeks we will all find our feet together.

As I suggested when I re-opened the site two days ago, there is still much to be added before BrocanteHome is everything it is going to be, but I thought it best to introduce all that is new incrementally so we don’t find ourselves wandering around a virtual maze desperate to find an exit!

That said, this morning I want to walk you through some of the existing features already live on the site, and a couple of those coming soon, so we are all on the same page going forward. So without further ado…

Follow Me…

Now it’s not that I want to get all guru about my place in the community and insist that you become my follower, it is simply that if you don’t click “follow” on my profile, you won’t see all that I am going to be sharing on the Community Activity page, and more than that, you will have to keep hopping around the site from blog to groups and back again, when it is going to be entirely possible to view everything I share and create on the activity page timeline (including my personal updates, blog posts, group posts, new store items, course and salon announcements. all in one place!), so it simply makes sense to follow me if you really want to enjoy all that BrocanteHome has to offer in the future…

Ooh and this goes for seeing the posts and community contributions from other members you are friends with or interested in too, so get into the spirit of following in the same way you might on Facebook.

Upload Your Brocante Downloads…

One of the really great things about having your own Brocante profile (created automatically when you sign up FREE is that you can not only contribute to the community, but you can also store all your BrocanteHome printables in your very own little profile library AND will eventually discover FREE printables in the group document libraries on each group profile too.

In your own profile you will find your own document library here…

And when you click on it you will be able to save or download a document in exactly the same way as you would on your computer, and make your downloads completely private so no-one else has access to them.

In a group, you will find the document library in a similar place on the group menu and any document uploaded there will be available to all members of that group to download for themselves, and optionally save to their own document library.

Take Notes

Want to remember a particular puttery treat from the calendar or a product another member recommended in a group? Simply click the pink “Notes” box in the corner of your screen and copy and paste or type what you want to remember and your note and its whereabouts will be saved on your very own Brocante Notes page.

You can then hop over to your private “my-notes” page and see and download your notes to a word document should you wish. Fab right?

Understanding the Groups

Once you have joined one of the twelve BrocanteHome groups, you will have a few options for contributing to the conversation. You can either upload your own status in the feed:

Join in an existing or start a new group discussion here….

Or respond to a post in an existing discussion, by clicking “reply” on a specific user’s post to speak to them directly, in the drop-down menu here…

Using the Calendar

At the moment the BrocanteHome Calendar includes two things: the routines and rituals that are the mainstay of keeping house the BrocanteHome way, and a daily puttery treat so you can layer your life in loveliness. Eventually the calendar will also community and salon events so you don’t miss a thing but that will come in time.

You can visit the calendar here, or see the days events in the sidebar on the Community Activity page and you can also view each individual routine or treat by clicking on it to read more detail, and clicking the button at the very bottom of each calendar post to add it to your own calendar should you want to incorporate it in your own routine…

Ok, so I think that’s enough for one day: I don’t want to blow our brains, but before I go to feed my ever-hungry child, I just wanted to tell you that I am now in the process of moving The Salon into the new site here and eventually your courses and membership benefits will look like the sample course below and will be accessible from your own profile here at BrocanteHome

I’m so grateful for your patience and loyalty while all this is happening and I’m so looking forward to what we will become together at BrocanteHome.

Have a lovely day won’t you?

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July 3, 2020 10:32 am UTC


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  1. Hi, my membership does not appear to have transferred. I’ve tried contacting people through the new system, but haven’t heard a response. Is there a better way to contact someone regarding membership issues?
    Thank you.

    1. Colleen I have just answered your private message. As I said in the last few emails, the Salon is still where it was and you can login as usual there until everything is completely moved over here. At the moment you need to create a new account here to get access to the new community but soon everything will be in one place. Can I ask where you have been contacting me please as until I got your message here, it was the first I’d seen. Please feel free to DM me again if you’ve got any more questions.x