So you wait and you wait and you wait. You trawl all the cook shops in the locality and you keep your fingers crossed in all the most unlikely places. But you never see one. Perhaps they don’t have them here? Too sophisticated? Too French?

So you keep on baking these tiny little cakes and although they are delicious, they are  not oyster shaped, so Little Miss   Perfect  hesitates to call them Madeleines because it is plain for all the world to see that they are just tinsy little cupcakes…

Then one day, as you are on your weekly trawl of Tk Maxx (Love the housewares section!), you see it. And it couldn’t be more perfectly beautiful, because it is pink.  And it  is made by Fauchon, home of the  Madeleine, and it is on sale for just £2.99! And you push past an old lady to grab it, just in case half of Southport also have their eyes peeled for a scrumptious pink Madeleine baking sheet. And you are so happy you smile inanely at the boy with the spiky hair at the till, and drive home dreaming up all kinds of oyster shaped variations, till you open the box and find a recipe for Madeleines Provencale, that sends your savoury tastebud’s a sizzling….

85g Flour.

1 Egg.

45g Gruyere Cheese.

5cl White Wine.

5cl Milk.

6g Baking Powder.

1 Pinch of Salt.

2 Grinder Twists of Pepper.

90g Sun Dried Tomatoes In Oil.

35g Stoned Black Olives.

6g Chopped Basil.

1 Pinch of Salt.

3 Grinder Twists of Black Pepper.

* Mix the flour, baking powder, salt and pepper*  Add the egg, start to beat at the centre,add the white wine, milk and grated cheese. * Set aside for two hours before use at room temperature.*  Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees celcius* Drain excess oil from the tomatoes by laying them on absorbent paper, then chop into small cubes. crush the olives.* Add to the mix you have set aside.* Slice the basil with scissors into thin strips and add to the mix.* Season with the salt and pepper.*  Fill the baking tray’s to 3/4 full.* Place in the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.* Then  serve preferably warm, accompanied by a mixed green salad…*