There is no hocus-pocus involved in identifying necessary change, Practical Magic simply asks us to consider the main aspects of our life to begin with, and thereafter to set in motion the kind of shift that will bring about ease and joy.

Then once we understand the process we can apply it to every decision we ever have to make so that ultimately Practical Magic becomes the maxim that guides us along the way.

So in this post I have identified four main areas I want you to consider. Four pillars of all of our lives that make up who we are and how we live, and that can with subtle shifts in attitude, bring you closer towards a life less ordinary without the need to abandon all that you have already created and run away with the circus.

For imagine if you will, that you have already spent a lifetime building the foundations of this life less ordinary and that all that is left now to do is to strip away the surplus to reveal what really matters.

That my darling is Practical Magic. Shall we get started?

1.The Heart's Home

Let's begin with those you love. The people you live with and the ones you belong to. Think then about how they complicate your life and create roadblocks on the road to a life less ordinary. Be as honest as you can as you consider what you see as the issues.

Then decide what YOU can change: To what degree are YOU responsible for these dynamics? What changes in attitude or behaviour could you make to create EASE?

Now think for a moment about the moments of joy you have experienced in your Heart's Home. The teeny simple moments you have really enjoyed in the bosom in your family. What do they have in common? What has to change in order to create more of these moments?

Finally consider how YOU could initiate more good times? What lights those you love up and how can you consciously bring that kind of magic into all of your lives on a more frequent basis?

2. Your Four Walls

Now let's think about your actual home. The house you live in and the interior you have created. Which areas aren't working, not because they aren't pretty, but because they aren't practical? How would compromising the pretty for the practical feel to you?

Next let's consider whether life is more complicated than it ought to be. What have YOU over-complicated at home? What feels cluttered and convoluted as you go about your day? Make a list of all the teeny things you could do to create EASE today. What is stopping you from putting these ideas into action?

Finally, what are you ignoring in the house because it strikes you as pedestrian and irrelevant? What could you do right now to inspire joy in the most unexpected corners of your home?

3.Your Wellbeing

Let's think about your mind and body. What self-help techniques, regimes and programs are you currently trying to commit to that aren't working? What would happen if you abandoned them and went back to basics?

What would happen if you stripped away all the fads and gimmicks and simply looked after yourself the way you know you should, what would that involve? How would it make you feel?

(Think for example about giving up your exercise class in favour of a walk in nature).

Now let's move on to how you look and dress, how have you overcomplicated your appearance? What could you do to improve the way you look without needing extra time or money?

And finally if we decide there is no greater joy than that which comes with good health, what magical little somethings could you do to improve yours?

4. Your Life's Purpose

To what degree are your existing routines and rituals supporting your WHY? How are they getting in the way of who you want to become?

What would happen if you decided to change tack? If you were truly honest, which long-held routines or commitments no longer fit your life? Could they be changed or do you need to get brave and choose alternatives that reflect who you are becoming?

Which of the ties that bind in your life are standing between you and your WHY? How can you navigate an easier path towards it so you do not feel frustrated by that you perceive as standing in your way? Is it them or is it actually YOU?

And finally, what lights you up most in this world? How can you bless your days with a sprinkle of that magic so you never forget who you really are?

Optional Homework

Get two blank Life-Book pages and after considering your answers to all the questions above, draw up two lists:

  • One that considers how you can ADD EASE to your life.
  • And another that consider how you can ADD JOY to your life.

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