A few weeks ago my Kindle died and I was sad. For a while I pretended a dalliance with real books would do, but it wasn’t the same because I have become something of a reading butterfly and like to be able to quickly switch reading channels on a whim and a person can’t do that when the pages of a  Beryl Bainbridge book are the only thing sitting on your bedside and swapping books would involve a shivery late night wander down the stairs.
So I was sad. And sad won’t do. So Richard rang Amazon who were very sorry to hear about my sadness and before I knew it  a replacement Kindle had dropped through my letter-box and my book-related sadness was no more because here was a really rather deliciously empty Kindle, with all my previous downloaded books stored in the archive and much opportunity to create a more manageable folder system  presenting itself.
But bad habits die hard Readers. While I absolutely, thoroughly, certainly, intended to download one book at a time, this morning I fell off the literary wagon again and tempted by the free vintage delights of Amazon and the Open Library, I found myself stuffing my little device with wordy goodness all over again, while I sipped cold coffee and worried that all that needed to be done (mainly the purchase of some gluten-free sausages) was going undone and life would probably be all the worse for it, but what the hell when there were lovely new books to be perused like Happy Pollyooly and Object: Matrimony and Come Out of the Kitchen!.
Darn the pleasures of reading! It makes real life so dull. But there is much to be done: cards to be posted and a bill to be paid. Toffee biscuits to bake. Children to be collected. Finn’s friend Tom to be entertained. A garden to be poked at.  A heart spilled out to a woman who listens quietly. And there is much I want to do: paint a little tiny stool so I can sit in the garden and put my feet up when the sun finally comes out. Make meatballs to freeze. Label numerous boxes with pretty stickers. Sort out a lost sock situation. Drink tea and yet more cinnamon tea
So reading will have to wait. But oh what a thrill to know that my new Kindle is sitting at my bedside humming with stories I have not yet absorbed. I can barely wait for tonight.
In the meantime a housewife has gotta do what a housewife has gotta do, so I’m off to buy sausages. Have a lovely day won’t you?