” To show the way to run one’s home without help, efficiently and happily too, has been the object of this book. But a guide can only point out the path. Of course there will be rough places on the way and setbacks. Days when the jelly won’t jell, the housework seems a meaningless grind, and even the visit to the shops nothing but a drag. Other times though, the sun will shine, everything will go like clockwork, and you’ll feel that nothing in the world can be half so satisfying as running your own home, the way you do.

So don’t despair if  at first everything doesn’t go  exactly to plan. Practise makes perfect, and once you’ve grasped  the general principles you’ll soon work out a routine  to suit your personality and circumstances.

As the  mechanics of running  a home become familiar, you’ll discover how much else there is to the job. Because you are always learning it will never get stale. The joy of creative work, exhausting though it can be, is that it enriches the personality. Running a home may seem unspectacular and ordinary, but making a success of it, so that the home is a happy one for all who live in it, is creative work to rank with the best.”

From “How To Run Your Home Without Help” by Kay Smallshaw.