Welcome back to my Housewives In Art series: brought back especially for this painting from Wenzel Tornoe that I happened across on Tumblr today.

Painted in 1882 it depicts a woman who has laid her head on the wall behind her, apparently exhausted or overcome by some gentle emotion. I don’t know. None of us can- though it probably has political undertones, in terms of our dressmaker in her relatively plain garb, exhausted by the efforts it has taken to complete the fine garment she is probably working on for a moneyed client, in in time apparently, for Whitsun.

Seamstress, WhitSunday Morning - By Wenzel Tornoe

Art is the greatest mystery of all isn’t it? If only because we are required to provide our own commentary while we drink in the details the artist has provided. The pins in her apron. Her eyes not quite shut. The reflection from the oil lamp…

Sad and lovely all at once.