Darlings will you settle an argument? Is life too short to read the same book, or watch the same film twice?

You see I believe that life is bulging at the seams with new ideas, and fantastic stories and wonderful books and films I am still to watch and so there simply isn’t time to endure something I have already enjoyed when I could be discovering something altogether new: something that might just spark a brand new idea or set me on another path altogether through life’s journey.

To me the whole world is my literary playground, the Internet a source for a never ending round of constant inspiration, the cinema, a gateway through to everyone else’s imagination; so the very idea of sitting through a film I’ve already seen is total anathema to me. I can’t fathom what kind of mind wants to sit in front of a film they can talk along with, or read a book in which they can predict the very next word. If curiosity killed the cat, a total lack of it surely would have bored him to death first?

Well my friends apparently not. According to Richard, who regularly informs me that he must have watched this film “a hundred times” or read that book “three or four times”, reading or watching the same thing over is not about laziness or a simple lack of curiosity, but is instead about rest and relaxation.  It is about re-living our yesterdays, truly seeing things without being too wowed by sheer  novelty  to really hear their truths, and enjoyment without the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

So tell me this and tell me no more: which camp are you in?  Are you like me? Do you get twitchy legs if you find yourself sitting in front of something you have seen before? Does the thought of reading Wuthering Heights from back to front in time for the next meeting of the Playground Mummies book club strike you as faintly ludicrous, never mind that it is a “classic” and memories of it’s first reading, still haunt you?

Or are you like Richard? Is there a book in your life you will never be bored by? Do re-runs of Friends still tickle you in exactly the same places everytime you see them?  Is there a classic you still feel has a lot to teach you?  What are books for: to entertain or to learn from? Why do we watch films? To relax or to seek inspiration? To dwell in other peoples emotions or remember all our yesterdays?

Tell me now, is life to short to read the same book twice?