Well now it is a sunny Saturday morning and as I have got so much to share, I thought there could be no way better than to invite you to hop on board my Carousel and take a spin around the prettiest corners of my imagination. So here I sit, nibbling my way through a brunch of roasted feta and Toulouse sausages while Alice the kitten does somersaults around my head and I do my best to ignore the  stack of books I bought for a song in a discount book shop yesterday…

* First up my little sister who turned thirty nine yesterday and celebrated her venture into geriactricity by saying yes to a certain tall, dark, handsome Daddy of our baby Clarry, when he asked her to marry him. So this is by way of the congratulations kiss I cannot pop on to her forehead because she is busy eating oysters and supping champagne in Whitstable. Happy days my Darling…x


* Next up, Rita Konig’s home on The Selby. I have adored Rita since her days writing her “Rita Say’s” column for British Vogue, and her house perfectly encapsulates, her easy, elegant attitude to life. Gorgeous.

* Now this piece about joy and sorrow and the horror of the Boston Marathon made so much sense to me…

“And so it goes. Joy and sorrow. Laughter and tears. Mingling like the waves and the rocks, the sun and the wind. Do we have room in our hearts for both?”


* Do you know about the Rory Gilmore Reading challenge? How do I not know about this? How have I never seen The Gilmore Girls? Do I need to? Is it full of books? Would I like it? Dear me, so many questions and so little time…


* Oh my, Twitter’s new music app thingamyjig is pretty spiffy isn’t it? I’m rather loving it. #wonderfultimewaster

* Now the Google Reader debacle. If you don’t know by now, Google Reader is going to die very, very soon  and although I don’t want to  get into fisticuffs about the arrogance of a company (this from someone who loves Google!) simply shutting something down that millions of us have come to depend on, we all need to find an alternative double quick if we are not to lose touch with all the beloved blogs on our reading list.

I have spent the past month trying out the two most likely contenders, BlogLovin and Feedly and I have settled on Feedly because it suits my workflow and the bells and whistles it has make reading, unreading deleting and sharing posts an absolute walk in the park. So yes. Feedly it is. Should you too find yourself in a similar situation, then both are excellent, but Feedly suits those of us who are greedy for information but short on time methinks…


* Now The Foodie bugle. This gorgeous, intelligent ode to all things foodie, is now offering an ad-free printed version of their site. Just perfect for a Sunday morning perusal I do believe…



* Next up Cabbage and Roses for Uniqlo: an ever so useful, ever so pretty collaboration producing a range of flower scattered wardrobe staples, to compliment former collaborations between Uniqlo and Cath Kidston, Greengate and Celia Birtwell. Where fashion and interiors meet…

* And finally this poem, Gather by Rose Mclarney…

Some springs, apples bloom too soon.
The trees have grown here 
for a hundred years, and are still 
quick to trust that the frost has finished.

Some springs, pink petals turn black. 
Those summers, the orchards are empty 
and quiet. No reason for the bees to come.

Other summers, red apples beat hearty
in the trees, golden apples glow in sheer skin. 
Their weight breaks branches, the ground rolls with apples, 
and you fall in fruit.

You could say, 
I have been foolish. 
You could say, 
I have been fooled. 
You could say, 
Some years, there are apples.

Now there was a mixed bag if ever there was one. Happy weekend Housekeepers.x