I believe that reading is quite the most Autumnal of pleasures. All of a sudden there seems to be time. Something so very much amiss during the chaos of those Summer evenings. There is time and as the nights draw in, there is just the right mood for getting oh so terribly introspective and losing yourself in a pile of good books.

And so dear lovely Housekeepers, welcome to a round up of scrumptious new books just right for the cosiest of seasons…

First up… My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl. As the former editor of Gourmet magazine, Ruth is a women who knows food and in My Kitchen Year she describes, with recipes, how she used food to heal her heart after Gourmet closed and she had to re-imagine her future and come to terms with re-defining her very self.
My Kitchen Year: Amazon.Com/Amazon.Co.uk

Next… The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme because I am Alison May and there wasn’t a cats in hell chance of me swerving a book with COZY in the title now was there? It’s about cosy food and cozy crafts and cozy little to-dos and we need it in our lives right now!
The Year of Cozy: Amazon.Com/Amazon.Co.uk

Now… Country Living Christmas Joys. I have long believed that just as my Mum did, we should add one or two lovely Christmas books to our collection each year. Whether it be a teeny book full of traditions,  children’s story book, a novel or a decorating book like this one, there is something rather special about taking them out each year and losing yourself in the Christmas of your dreams…
Country Living Christmas Joys: Amazon.com/Amazon.Co.uk

Then… The 52 Lists Project. Now I wouldn’t normally throw a journal in to the midst of one of my reading lists, but this one is special and it will help you go deeeeeep. You want to go deep don’t you? Then now is just the right time to pick this journal up and use it to list you way to a more authentic you.
The 52 Lists Project: Amazon.Com/Amazon.Co.uk

And finally… Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese because it is The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour. Now I may be eccentric but not by an extra-long stretch of the imagination could I be called glamorous, and thus this book is top of my wishlist if only so just a teeny bit of Dita rubs off on me…
Your Beauty Mark: Amazon.Com/Amazon.Co.Uk

Happy Reading Housekeepers!