Hello Housekeepers, are you in the mood for a hop? Me too.

Starting from where we left off last week, at The Constant Gatherer, I had a little root around Katies blog-roll and found myself drinking tea, trawling the streets of London and seeing the world through the delectable eye of Lynne at Tea For Joy, a blog I then lost an entire hour to as I scrolled through archives stuffed with the most lovely of stylists portfolio’s, shops to die for and images of the kind of pretty tea-cups and tea ceremonies that have me wanting to give it all up and open up a teeny tiny tea shop on my local high street.

What set’s Tea For Joy apart from the many other blogs like it, is the sense that Lynne truly has authority when it comes to identifying all things scrumptious; that she is not only documenting what is lovely, but also living it too: that she is attending the museums, visiting the shops, buying the wallpaper and indeed drinking the tea, all from within a city she clearly knows and remains passionate about.

Go read for joy and when you are done, navigate to Lynne sidebar’s and…

Springtime Manifesto


I hopped from Tea for Joy to Last Day of May and found myself utterly charmed by this simple, touching blog about family life with a new babba, and blog writer, Kelly’s creative adventures.

While there were many other blogs in Tea For Joy’s sidebar, Last Day of  May is so terribly gentle, and hushed in way that only a home with a relatively new baby is, and the focus on Springtime beautifully ties in with the theme, deliberate or not, of new life.

One of the things I took away from Kelly’s blog was the gorgeous idea of writing a seasonal manifesto for ourselves: a little list of things we want to do before the season changes, and I think in Kelly’s manifesto above, her quiet dedication to her little girl is beautifully illustrated in the sparse prose she use’s here and elsewhere in the blog, prose that often reads rather like notes to herself.

That we should be invited into this most intimate of spaces is a true pleasure.

Go see.

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