Yuck, the house feels horrible: so seen as my whole routine has gone to pot this week due to sickness, I am going to shop tomorrow (in style methinks!) and thoroughly detox the house today, because otherwise I am going to have to go and move in with my Mum.

There is I think a staleness to a house that has had a patient or two in it’s midst for even more than a day. A staleness that seems somewhat contaminated.

I’m not a germ freak. I kind of think a healthy dose of germs does you the power of good, and you all know I don’t believe in bleaching the house into oblivion, but sometimes our cosy cocoons reek of maladies come and gone and the imaginary likelihood of a repeat performance lies dormant in the sheets on which we have previously laid our sweaty brows.

So it is on with the Marigolds and a loud blast of housekeeping music and away we go!

1. Switch heating off (so wear a jumper!), open all the window’s, put all bedding, cushion covers and soft toys on a boil wash with a few drops of lavender added to the fabric conditioner…

2. Take pillows, duvets and quilts outside and hang on the line.

2. Sprinkle all carpets with a mix of baking soda, tea tree oil and lavender and leave.

3. Throw all newspaper, magazines and waste paper out.

4. Wipe down surfaces with anti-bacterial spray (juice of half a lemon, 10  drops of tea tree oil,  five of lavender, spoon of baking soda and water.

5. Pour white vinegar and lemon juice down all drains and toilets, then leave to sit, and follow with copious amounts of boiling water straight from the kettle.

6. Mop all floors.

7. Vacuum carpets and savour the fresh scent.

8.  Burn rosemary oil downstairs and lavender oil upstairs.

9. Re-make beds. Refresh dried herb posies.

1o. Then leaving the windows open, take yourself to the shops and buy a bunch of lilies for the living room and a scrumptiously fresh pot or six of basil for the kitchen, and come home, stoke up the fire and bake a batch of gingerbread to be eaten snuggled up in your deliciously fresh, cosy house.

Sickness be gone!