One of seventy five (seventy five!) 1950’s home D.I.Y magazines I found in a box at the back of a charity shop a while ago.

Glittering star attractions of this particular little gem include "making loose covers for profit", "creating claw jewellery!", "Instructions for creating "Revolving Silhouette  Lampshades", "Novelties from Dowels"  and my favorite…"Mushrooms-  A Paying Sideline"!

The editor declares that this, the very first issue – represents a  "  A  National  Movement"  stating in his letter from the editor that..

" From the correspondance it is clear that the make money-at home movement exists on a national scale…"

Little could he have known that crafts would come to be wholly derided by a growing consumer driven society only to enjoy an awe inspiring and highly sophisticated, internet driven   re-birth, fifty years later…

Excuse me, I’m off to get myself a paying sideline in mushooms.