Darlings I am home and I want to say a huge big thank you,  on behalf of myself, Richard and above all else, Richards Dad, John for the comments, facebook messages and private emails we have recieved with messages of support while we have been away.

Richard, Finley and I are now home and as I write, John is being brought by ambulance from Torquay to a specialist stroke unit here in Liverpool. While he is by no means out of the woods yet, and remains unable to speak properly, move or see out of his right eye, his condition has been declared by the kind staff at Torbay to be stable enough to endure the six hour trip and he should arrive here later this evening.

As you can imagine the past week has been something of an ordeal but it was much relieved by a stay in the most traditional of British guesthouses, walks along the twinkly Torquay harbour on the drizzliest of evenings and as always the giggly joy that is Finley, a little boy always able to see the bright side and a little boy who stood blinking bravely at John’s hospital bedside, and talked gently to him, though I know the sight of this lovely, vibrant man struggling to hold his hand must have been more than a little disconcerting for one so young and thoroughly bewildered by the damage a stroke can do.

And now it is back to real life. Finn and I are both full of colds, and competing with each other for winner of the scratchiest sore throat competition. There is a case full of un-washed clothes, a house thats smells of neglect,  and much to catch up on here at Brocante.

I realise I am behind on the delivery of both the Puttery Post and Trash or Treasure and I hope you will allow me to get up to date over the weekend. I will try to get what is missing  into your in-boxes as soon as possible and I thank-you a million times over for your patience.

Life eh! Alongside the saddest of trauma’s, I also managed to leave my iron in the guesthouse, gain a hundred pounds while living on bacon and McDonalds while we were away and worst of all, I am now required to come to terms with hearing that Robbie Williams got married over the weekend. And quite outrageously,  it wasn’t me wearing that gorgoeus tiered wedding dress.

Damn it. Life is a cruel mistress sometimes.