Look! The most hideous computer desk in the history of computer desks.  I said I wouldn’t and I did. Shame on me.

In the past two days I have hauled seventeen bin bags full of junk out of this house. Seventeen bin bags full of stuff and nonsense  I had previously convinced myself I couldn’t live without . Me! The mistress of the pink bin liner, she who loves chucking things,  actually found seventeen bin bags full of junk that had previously escaped her beady eye…

Turns out the new 2006 me is kind of ruthless. Turns out the new 2006 me has hideous taste….

I mean really how else could one explain that hideous monstrosity the computer nerd living in my pinny pocket likes to call organization

Truth is that being the all round sensible kind of gal I am, I kind of like it, because apparently I am entirely capable of putting all question of aesthetics aside in the face of magnetic whiteboards, built in bookshelves and some scarily snazzy file box dividers.

I don’t know why: it just seems to call to the girl inside me who wishes she wore shoulder pads and carried a briefcase. The woman who has to restrain herself from both colour-coding and Dewey decimal systematizing her trashy novels. She who wishes she had one of those little office cubicle things you see in  American films. The girl who wanted to be the kind of buttoned up secretary who could come undone with a flick of the pencil holding her hair up…

So what does this mean for BrocanteHome? Will the new efficient me go minimalistic?  Will I ever stop fiddling with the  design long enough to post anything worth reading?   Will I be too busy stripping my home of any character at all to bother?? Will normal service on the puttering programme resume soon? (Please God??)…

Oh I do hope so. Tune in next week and see.