Well if this isn’t the most wonderful Christmas tree I have ever seen then I don’t know what is! No branches for naughty kittens to climb in? Check! Adorned with scrumptious vintage little wot nots? Check! Highly unlikely to topple when busy ten year olds are fighting robots? Check! Pretty, etheral and thoroughly unusual? Check, check and check again!

I found it on Pinterest and followed the link to a Russian Live Journal but sadly do not know the original source. But oh would you look at it: that cuckoo clock! The tiny little framed art! The religious iconry! That delft clog! Oh my!

vintage christmas tree 3

While there isn’t a wall suitable in my entire (diddy) house, if I can carve out an hour or two over the holiday,  I plan to make a frameable version of this lovely tree for myself over Christmas: a darling nod to the clever stylist or homeowner who dreamt this whimsical beauty up.