The world of blogging was ten years old on Saturday. 

Imagine that… a world without blogging! A world where I didn’t feel the urge to share my remarkable capacity for turning my life into one long comedy sketch, and a world where a women called Nancy would never have been given the opportunity to tell me to keep  my silly opinions  to myself and  get a sense of humour! A world where one  astonishing women after another didn’t reveal themselves in all their  mind blowingly creative, all too  human glory, where oceans still mattered and Mommies from New York couldn’t be bestest friends with Farmers wives from Suffolk without enduring marathon postal delays and crackly phone lines.   

Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking to a remarkable man with a burgeoning and fascinating interest (and astonishing knowledge thereof) in modern feminist politics. The world of blogging was not something he knew much about and as I sat there trying to articulate the astonishing women I had encountered during the three years I have been blogging, the opportunities blogging has offered to so many of us, the tiny businesses leveraged across continents by sites like Etsy and Ebay, and the networks and relationships we have all been lucky enough to forge, I could see his incredible mind ticking over as I spoke…

"So" he said "What we essentially have here is a new wave in feminism?"

"Well, ermmmm, yep, I guess you could call it that…"

"Women" he said "Combining and above all else, celebrating,  their creativity, and harnessing their business skills to produce a way of life that allows them to be independant, satisfy their need to express themselves, and bring up their children without compromising their need to parent the way they see fit, nor feel demoralised by keeping house?"

"Indeed" said I.

"Wow" said he. "It’s a cultural revolution!!"

And maybe it is. For me at least blogging has represented a very personal revolution and for that  I  will be forever  grateful…

Happy Birthday to the blogosphere. Who knows where  it’s going to take us.