So there you are thinking that you are supercool: that your good taste knows no boundaries, when all of a sudden it strikes you that when you are watching Eastenders and Emmerdale, you find yourself admiring that crocheted blanket in the Dingle’s living room or the rather snazzy tray on Pauline Fowlers mantlepiece.

This is not a good thing: set designers have placed these oh so appealing items there because the people concerned have no taste. The Dingles didn’t choose the kind of patchwork blanket I am currently furiously bidding for on Ebay, they found it on a tip. Pat Butcher didn’t choose that gorgeous pink and green floral wallpaper, it’s been there since world war two. The interior design is not intended to be aspirational, it is supposed to speak volumes about the class of people the programme is portraying…

So what does this mean? Have we (I?) got no taste: has my eye become so accustomed to granny chic, I’m even finding things that are plainly ugly, kinda cool?

Am I searching out crocheted doillies because Cath Kidston’s doing crochet this season or because they remind me of the kind of Nana’s living room I am wierdly trying to create?

What’s next? Woolly tea cosies (I saw a gorgeous little house one at a market last week!!), one of those dolly toilet roll covers, or a fuzzy toilet seat??

God, I’m scaring myself now.