Oh House Keepers I am in mourning. Disaster in the shape of  a pint sized foot has struck and this time there is no going back.  Finley has (accidentally) kicked my laptop into PC heaven and with internal bleeding, broken bones, split veins and all manner of other computer related injuries to contend with,  the PC doctor has told me that my darling, darling friend has got to be put down.

Where will I be without him?  Up the creek  without a paddle methinks.

There is no answer to it this time. One mustn’t waste miracles on wishing the sky will start raining laptops or that I will find gold coins buried in a jeweled box at the bottom of my non-existent garden…

And so I will be gone for a while. I will be playing in the sun with my babba. Digging up the disaster that is my tiny yard after a Summer of rain. Re-inventing my comfort basket. Creating a naughty knicker drawer. Stripping away the clutter. Painting the bathroom a startling shade of white. Reading. Remembering. Dreaming up a fabulous fourth birthday party for Finn. Spending hours in the library. Scrubbing at non-existent stains on my carpet and baking carrot and orange cakes until they come out my ears.

T’will be fun and t’will be sad.

See you soon.x