I am officially reporting my own outrageous behavior here, because for all intents and grown up purposes I live by myself, and there is no-one responsible enough to police me.

After six months of glorious dieting (five and a bit stone gone!!), tonight I  went loopy  and ate  two big bowls of  Scouse,  4 slices of  thick white bread, one pack of spring onion crisps, 6 gold chocolate coins and  half  a tub of Ben and Jerry’s  Half Baked ice cream.  And I’m still hungry.

Do excuse me while I waddle my way to bed now. I am sacrificing the second episode of Desperate Housewives for the sake of my thighs (though Bree taking herself to the doctors after suffering the ordeal of an orgasm had me crying laughing!). You can’t eat while you are asleep.