Mark bought me  Confessions of  a Slacker Wife at the weekend. What?  You think  I should be insulted?  Don’t even go there. He bought me this on Valentines Day….

But anyway enough of my philandering fiancee (joke) and his bizarre sense of humour.

I haven’t had much chance to read Confessions but what I have read is funny and true and I am ashamed to say I recognised myself on page after page…

But something struck me as odd. Dear little Muffy Mead-Ferro is proud to announce that she hasn’t showered today. Or yesterday by the sounds of it:

"I would like to just go ahead and start this chapter with my first confession. A real bombshell, probably: I didn’t take a shower  today.

Whether  or not I  showered yesterday is probably  not even  worth mentioning, since I know I’ve already crossed a line  that might have excluded me from the neighbour hood dinner parties, or even my own book club."

Hmm. Now, I want you to understand that I don’t care if she never takes a shower again, because like she goes on to say, cleanliness is  a relative term, shaped entirely by your own standards of hygiene. No, what struck me most about this confession was that it wasn’t the first time I  have read such a statement recently.

Consider this from Darla Shine:

"I shower every other morning. I think showering every day is bad for your skin and hair. In winter I even go three days. My Italian grandmother and her sisters all have beautiful skin. The secret is not to overwash.

The same goes for my children. Unless it’s Summer and they’re sweaty or have chlorine or sunscreen on them and need a bath, I bathe them every three days…"

You see? This isn’t just one slacker housewife watching morning tv instead of jumping in the shower- it’s a mini  revolution!

You know what I love about this? The fact that these women are so utterly honest about what is really quite a major taboo. Strong independant women happy to affiliate themselves to the great unwashed because what they are saying is true: washing too often does dry your skin. We are lining the pockets of industry through over zealous hygiene standards and indeed we are wasting our earths natural resources taking baths and showers when a quick rub down with a flannel would probably do…

Personally I am not a clean fanatic. But I take showers and baths everyday because they afford me the time to concentrate on me. To spend blissful time alone focused on nothing other than my own well being.
Perhaps  it’s time to take up yoga.