Yay! I am so glad to be able to welcome you inside the all NEW BrocanteHome: a gloriously re-imagined take on the content you know and love and a scrumptiously easier way to enjoy it all in one place.

I am Alison, I am a forty-nine year old Mum to one teenager and step-Mum to another. I live in the UK, have been blogging at BrocanteHome for sixteen years now, and you can learn more about me and my family here.

Where once upon a time, BrocanteHome was split into separate blogs and courses, now all my work (over 2500 posts!!) is here in one publication for you to enjoy without the need to go hopping all around the interwebs, and I just couldn't be happier with it, because I think once you too get used to it you will find it more more intuitive than you did previous incarnations of the site.

Member Levels

Ok so I want to begin with how the site works, because while on first appearance it will (I hope!) seem familiar, it is now divided into three levels of access:

  1. FREE Posts: available in their entirety to anyone who visits BrocanteHome.
  2. SUBSCRIBER Posts: available to those who create a FREE account on BrocanteHome and sign up to the Tiny Joy List.
  3. And MEMBER'S ONLY Posts: which are available to paying members and include all previous HOMESCHOOL content and access to all new mini-courses, Life-Book pages and Member's only writing.

To choose your level of access and hop right in hop over to the membership page at the link below and sign up...

Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, Online since 2004

All posts at all levels will appear in the main stream on the front page of the site, but you will only have access to them or their related tag according to your level of membership, though each will be marked if they aren't public with a tiny label on the image.

Speaking of Tags...

Nearly all BrocanteHome posts are now "tagged" into their own collections. This makes it super easy to read, for example all Housekeeper's Diary posts, or all Puttery Treat posts consecutively.

It also means that all former HomeSchool Content is tagged in the same way: so for example, eventually all Life-Book Posts will be in one place, and all Edited Woman Posts are in one place, with the same applying to all other aspects of my lovely membership. And again, all NEW posts will appear in the main feed so even if you only ever visit the front page of BrocanteHome you will never miss a post!

And to make things even easier, all "tags" and collections are gathered in one place, so you can hop around and discover all things Brocante as you please: just follow the link below to go on a happy little journey of discovery...

Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, Online since 2004

Managing Your Account

Another thing that is MUCH easier here is managing your membership account as you have got direct access to your account page and can upgrade and downgrade your membership without needing to ask for any assistance at all.

So once you have chosen an access level, managing your account is just a matter of clicking the link below, or indeed the link at the top of every page throughout the site if you are signed in.

Your Account
Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, Online since 2004

Furthermore, you will never need a password at BrocanteHome: once you have signed up. your account will be managed via a "magic-link" sent to your email address whenever you have signed out and need to sign back in again.

You simply hop over to your email account, press the link in the email from BrocanteHome and lo and behold you will be signed in. Hurrah, am I right??

Joining the Community

One of the parts of BrocanteHome that is not incorporated into the site is our lovely community as this allows me to still offer you a mobile app you can use to instantly take part in prompts, challenges and of course our bookclub.

Learn to love life at home the Brocante way... with routine, ritual and celebration.

This means though that you will need to create a separate account for The Common Room and indeed receive a separate "magic-link" to sign in there.

While it is absolutely fine (and encouraged for the sake of avoiding muddlement!) to use the same email addresses for both, the site here and the community there are not the same account and operate independently, but don't let that stop you from joining in the fun will you??

Creating Your Life-Book

The "Life-Book" represents the collection of planning pages and workbooks and  I create here at BrocanteHome and all downloads across the site are designed to sit within a file you create to get your life planned and your domestic dreams organised.

The majority of the planning pages and workbooks are included in the Mini-Courses and Life-Book pages, and are for MEMBERS-ONLY, but from time to time there are downloads available for SUBSCRIBERS and you can get your own file set up with my covers and dividers on this page:

Welcome to The Life Book
“Are you ready to create a truly, useful, life-changing planner? One that will help you go to work ON your life, instead of in it? A planner created to help you think differently, and become a truer than true version of yourself?”

Life-Book pages are offered both independently, and as part of our Mini-Courses, challenges and Workshops, so keep an eye out for them and remember that the Life-Book exists in component-page form so that you can build a planner that reflects your life and can pick and choose what you want to include.

Browsing the Video Library

The video library is a collection of hand-picked videos from around the internet, curated to support our work here at BrocanteHome.

The BrocanteHome Video Library
Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, Online since 2004

Available to MEMBER'S ONLY. the library features over 180 videos in 11 categories, including everything from vintage films, to gorgeous house tours, yoga, vintage lifestyle and mindfulness.

Shopping at BrocanteHome

Recently updated, (and prettier than ever) the store is a happy little combination of BrocanteHome downloads, books and merchandise alongside a hand-curated collection of the best puttery treats and books on Amazon.

The BrocanteHome Store
The BrocanteHome Boutique

Now including currency conversion options, the BrocanteHome Store is easier than ever to enjoy.

Reading My Books

I have been writing books for Kindle for the past ten years and you can find my Amazon Author pages with links to all of them below:

Amazon.Com here...

Alison May
Follow Alison May and explore their bibliography from Amazon.com’s Alison May Author Page.

and Amazon.Co.Uk here...

Alison May
Follow Alison May and explore their bibliography from Amazon.com’s Alison May Author Page.


If you don't want to commit to a subscription, but want to show BrocanteHome some love occasionally. you can use the tip-box at the bottom of each public post to "buy me a coffee". These tiny donations help me to pay for the hosting, and all the bells and whistles I have to pay for to keep BrocanteHome online and I appreciate each and every penny...

Thank you so much. It truly is a pleasure to have you as a member of our lovely community.

Love Alison.x