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No.1: Meet Your Host

My name is Alison May and in the fifteen years (15 YEARS!!) I have been blogging at Brocante so much has changed in my life and I have captured it all here in posts long and short, funny, inspiring and occasionally heartbreaking. For I am a woman just like you, telling the truth about my life and hoping that in an all my ups and downs you will find sanctuary, solace and sometime a deep sigh (and suppressed giggle) of “there but for the grace of God!”…

So who am I? I am Mum to Finley who is almost sixteen and step-Mum to Stevie who is thirteen, partner to Ste, former interior designer, lover of sherbet dip-dabs, Agatha Raisin fan, possessor of an oversized bottom and homemaking obsessive.

An ordinary woman living a muddly life I have carved from extra-ordinary dreams. With hair rather outrageously growing out of my chin, a penchant for jaunts around the library and a head full of polka-dotty candy floss.

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No.2: Get The Tiny Joy Kit

I. like you, really don’t like being bombarded with emails which is why after your initial welcome to my FREE mailing list, I send just one email per week, offering you a pretty little digest of all that is happening in all corners of Brocantehome.

Featuring the puttery treats BrocanteHome is famous for, book recommendations, blog, community and store updates, The Tiny Joy Kit encapsulates all that is joyful about the Brocantehome way of life in one unobtrusive, pretty newsletter weekly…

Use it then to inspire you to stay on the Brocantehome path, to stuff your days with tiny joys and to discover the kind of reading that will remind you that we have so much to be grateful for…

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No.3: Join My FREE Brocante Community

The BrocanteHome Community is a new area of the site, created to help us all break free from the chains of Facebook and come together to talk through all things BrocanteHome in one dedicated forum.

With your own profile, the ability to join a myriad of groups, share your day, and make notes from throughout the site, the community truly is the way to wholly embrace the Brocante way of life…

So join today. The groups and forums are completely private and there is no obligation to stay, nor to talk, but it would be truly lovely to get to know you and I promise you won’t find a more supportive, welcoming group of women anywhere…

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No.4: Read the Blog

BrocanteHome has been online for fifteen years so there is a wealth of information and so very much of my own story to be be found in the archives!

The blog is split into four main categeories that each represent an aspect of all that I have to share here at BrocanteHome

Authenticity: On creating a life that satisfies our souls.

Bibliotherapy: Finding ourselves in the books and poetry we read.

Sanctuary: Creating a home that reflects who we are.

And Wellbeing: Looking after ourselves so we have the strength and clarity to live well.

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No.5: Download the Calendar

The BrocanteHome Calendar is a truly scrumptious set of recurring routines, rituals and celebrations you can download to your own Google or Apple calendar and use to bring organisation, structure and joy to your very own domestic life less ordinary…

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the BrocanteHome Lifebook, the calendar will point you in the right direction of all the printables you can use to embrace routine and create days stuffed full of teeny joys.

New for June 2020, is the addition of one daily puttery treat, taken from my best-selling bookA Year of Puttery Treats” and included to encourage you to remember that keeping house the Brocante way is about so much more than just doing the dishes!

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No.6: Take Your Own Notes

There is a huge amount of truly scrumptious information AND inspiration to be found across BrocanteHome and I wanted to find a way to help you manage that, and so I am thrilled to bring you “NOTES”

At the bottom of your screen you will see either a pink note bar, or a green circle, and if you press it a pop-up note app will appear so you can jot down all that you want to remember on any given post and then op over to your own “NOTES PAGE” to find, read and print the notes you have made!

It’s all kinds of useful wonderful and I hope you will be as delighted with this new addition to BrocanteHome as I am…

Start taking notes today!

Coming Soon!

No.7 Browse the Store

 The BrocanteHome Store is a truly lovely mix of my printables, books and Brocante merchandise alongside an ever-changing selection of puttery treats hand-picked from around the web, in six lovely store “departments” so you can truly embrace the Brocante way of life..

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