It is Friday night. For the first time in along time I am alone with nowhere to go and no place to be but here, with a hot water bottle pressed against the period pain wracking my stomach and a supper of cold pork and apple chutney just waiting to be devoured.

My living room is dark. There is a pile of magazines at my side.  Pomegranate lemonade on ice and a cosy blue patchwork quilt draped over my legs. I like this silence. Only the occasional crackle of the cinnamon candle melting in the burner to disturb my peace and the creak of Finley’s little iron bed to heard when he turns over.

You know I miss this kind of solitude. Where once it was commonplace in the life of this single mummy, now it is rare and treasured all the more for it. Now nights like this, weekend nights  blessed by tiny puttery treats of my own choosing, trays full of little bits of nothing to eat and hours dedicated to quiet reading, are few and far between and  though once the relentless repetition of my own company looked set to drive me insane now I am almost greedy for it. Eager to grab the quiet hours and use them as I see fit.

Soon I will rub lavender balm into my temples and bash my pillows into submission. I will spray a little more sleep spray on to my sheets, kiss my little boy, and call Richard to whisper goodnight. Then I will climb into bed with Mrs Ames, and read by candle-light, delighted with the hush and quietly grateful for a day I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Quietly grateful for this house. A lovely day with my Mum. And for everyone of you. Ninety eight of you were kind enough to leave a lovely comment on my Vintage Notions giveaway and I cannot go to sleep without telling you that Betts (BlBarrett) is my winner….

Have a lovely peaceful weekend Darlings.x