Yesterday I discovered quite the loveliest littlest Housekeeping booklet from 1936, packed full of scrumptious Vintage tips and these rather exquisite line drawings of a thirties housewife going serenely about her business, and as I am feeling generous I thought I would share them with you on this lovely Spring Saturday afternoon, overcast as it just might be…

As there are thirteen lovely images altogether and hundreds of gorgeous, useful tips, I am going to split it all over a few posts here at BrocanteHome: two featuring the images and accompanying images alone, and a few listing the household hints I still consider to be useful to us terribly old-fashioned, thoroughly modern vintage housekeepers…

Do help yourself to these lovely vintage housekeeping images won’t you? Just click on them to see the full sized image and use them as you please…


Now that cut glass is popular again, you will want to have your sparkle: so after the usual washing in hot sudsy water rinse it in cold water to which a little starch has been dissolved. Drain free of moisture and polish with a lint free cloth.


Paper table doilies are attractive for the bottom of your bird-cage, and come in so many sizes that you are sure to find one to fit your cage.


In cold weather, add a handful of salt to the last rinse water of your wash to keep clothes from sticking to the line. Boiling the clothespins in salty water is another precaution against freezing.


Always keep an envelope or small box of rubber bands of various sizes in your mending baskets as they are invaluable for holding tape on cards, thread on spools, and for keeping balls of wall and embroidery thread from unravelling.


Use leftover  warm porridge and oatmeal in making muffins. For each cup of cereal used, reduce the flour in your muffin by 1/4 cup and the milk by 1/2 cup. As much as one cup of cereal can be used satisfactorily in this way.


For wiping off the leaves of your window or porch plants try using a cloth dipped in glycerine instead of water. This gives the green leaves a lovely lustrous appearance.

Have a lovely, scrumptiously industrious weekend now won’t you Housekeepers?