Hello Housekeepers, this is a drive by post to point you in the direction of a new set of free dividers for your Housekeepers Planner. The dividers are simple in design and split your planner into eleven categories:

Calendar and Routines
Addresses and To-do’s
Meal Planning and Recipes
Housekeeping and Care Instructions
Shopping Lists and Receipts
Insurance and Inventory
School and Medical Records
Financial Records and Banking
Decorating and Puttery Treats
Miscellania and Grace Notes
Blogging and the Internet

You can download the dividers here and for those of you who have requested a few screenshots of the planner itself, please find a few examples from the sixty pages included, below…

The Decorating Organizer From The BrocanteHome Vintage Housekeepers Planner

And if that doesn’t persuade you that life is scrumptiously easier when you are the proud owner of a BrocanteHome Vintage Housekeepers Planner then I’ll be darned if I know what will!

Don’t forget that you can download the free set of blank planner pages that accompany the planner here, and by special request I am working on a new PDF scrumptiously packed with every home-made cleaning recipe I have ever mentioned on BrocanteHome and many more besides, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days…

Have a gorgeous day Housekeepers, and as always, please accept my great big thank you kisses for supporting BrocanteHome. I hope you all know how very much my little Finn and I appreciate it…