So we set off  far too early for the best car boot sale  in the world only to find  tumbleweed where there  should have been treasure.  Nothing.  Not a car in sight. Not a single fellow treasure seeker to be seen…

Someone cancelled it and forgot to tell  me.

So what’s a girl with money burning a hole in her pocket to do, but head to her favorite little place in the world and drown her disappointment in some good Java, before spending ten minutes in the cutest little shop in the world? Spending is a deep rooted disease.



Etcetera Home opened at Cedar Farm Galleries last year and brought to my doorstep the kind of whimsical little domestic treasures I’d previously only been dreaming about. From  pink screwdrivers to  snuggly blankets,  floral spaghetti strainers and leopardskin brooms, it is for me, a tiny bit of pastel coloured heaven. Perfect for the Vintage HouseKeeper with an ongoing urge to  treat herself to  something scrumptious…

So what did I buy? The deliciously silly floral bunting and  spaghetti strainer you see above. You know, essential things

Then it was over to the gorgeous little food shop to buy homemade hummous,  and walnut bread still warm from the oven, a packet of vanilla chocolate thins and some pretty little easter eggs because the likelihood of me getting around to blowing eggs this year is kind of slim and I do so like to swing an egg or two from a branch of forsythia or a bundle or twisted willow at this time of year…

Should you ever get the chance to go to Cedar Farm, jump at it: it’s scrumptious!

Kristy,  fancy meeting for coffee and the best quiche in the world?