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As I reach the final stages in the great 2020 plan for BrocanteHome, I thought it might be time to show you around and help you get your bearings, now that (almost) everything has got a permanent home here on the interwebs…

So today I wanted to show you where everything lives and what happens in all four of the main sites that constitute BrocanteHome, what lives there now, what will live there in the future and what I intend to create in 2021 (do hurry up New Year, I rather think we have all had enough of this one!) across the site.

You have all been so incredibly patient as I have pulled together fifteen years of work into something more coherent and meaningful and as I keep saying, I am so very grateful to you for sticking around!

And now without further ado…

BrocanteHome – 2021

The Blog

The blog is the beating heart of all that I do here at BrocanteHome: the nucleas of it all and the place where you can hop your way through fifteen years of both BrocanteHome and my own life in one place, while seeing my book recommendations and now finally back. my weekly pick of all things pretty on Etsy.

As I said a few weeks ago, now that I have shuffled everything into place and have created a routine that works for me here online, I will be back to what looks like the more traditional, and probably very random, style of happy, honest blogging I always enjoyed before everything got in a muddle! From here you will also find links to all other aspects of the site, from HomeSchool, to community and shop, and in the New Year I will be focusing on adding even more resources and inspiration to all my posts.


HomeSchool is my lovely members only platform and it lives in a library all of its own here. Created to house all the courses and bundles that are part of your subscription, the library is password protected, and only becomes available to you once you have joined.

In 2021, I will be creating many, many more resources on the HomeSchool platform for my wonderful members, and in the next few weeks will be opening a fully-fledged course and printables store there so that everyone who takes a course, buys a PDF, or becomes a member has a more integrated experience of all that BrocanteHome has to offer. (I’m soooo excited about what’s to come!)

Finally, starting in January 2021, I will be re-opening my coaching services – Pep-Talks – with a new and better way of helping you create the routines and rituals that make life lovelier AND launching a quarterly Brocante Bootcamp for all those who really want to throw themselves in to the Brocante way of life!

The Shop

Probably the most neglected part of BrocanteHome this year as I have worked to get HomeSchool and the Community working seamlessly, in 2021 I will be focusing on creating a shop full of my personal recommendations from around the web, as well as writing more books for the Kindle (much requested!) and finally creating a range of printed, guided journals to accompany you on your own Brocante path.

You can find the shop here, and the “collections” currently online are below…

The Christmas Shop – A collection of my Christmas themed printables and books, alongside choice pickings from around the internet of all things festive.

The Life Book – My own collection of printable PDF’s, planners, planning pages, and workbooks.

The Housekeeper’s Bookshelf – An edited collection of Amazon books that support and enhance life the BrocanteHome way.

Books By BrocanteHome – All the books I currently have available for download on Amazon.

Puttery Treats + Needful Things – A collection of teeny little somethings handpicked by me and just right for tucking away in your comfort drawer and bolstering your wellbeing.

Brocante Merchandise – Some little somethings – from book-bags to notebooks, designed by me just for you.

The Community

Finally, and I do believe I’m saving the best till last here: my lovely community, The Common Room. The result of all my effort this year to escape the tyranny of social media and create a place where we can all gather for bookclubs, monthly online chats, daily themed prompts and discussion and of course my Daily To-Do Lists – step by step plans for daily homemaking so you never have to wonder what to to do at home. All in one, easily accessible APP!

While I know some have found it difficult to make the leap from Facebook, for the many who have it has been a real joy: we have got to know each other, have so far enjoyed two books in our monthly book-club (one we all enjoyed and one we definitely didn’t!), chatted our way through two fun Housekeepers Assemblies, and created routines and rhythms that revolve around the to-do lists that go up each and every morning.

Oh and did I mention that its all completely free (and thankfully utterly politics free too!). It is about life, love and vintage housekeeping and I am so proud to have created a community that is not only so welcoming but also, so very useful to those that join..

Hop over here to sign up now!

So there you have it: all that I have been working my socks off to bring you during the weirdest year of all our lives! Though not all aspects of my vision are quite in line yet, the platform is there to take us all into a New Year, and I feel so very privileged to have been able not only to keep BrocanteHome online during what has been a tumultuous time, but to have also had your support while I did it, so that we could enter 2021 ready to embrace all that truly matters now that so many of us have had to learn to love life at home.

Here then is to another twelve months of teeny joy, domestic bliss, friendship and vintage housekeeping.

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