The Lemon Kitchen

I’m not sure there is anything worse than arriving home to find the scent of last night’s dinner still lingering. While fish and curry might be utterly scrumptious they surely can’t be anyone’s home fragrance of choice, so it is worth developing a ritual that counteracts their ability to linger…

While the scented candle I always burn as part of my evening kitchen clean-up routine goes some way to tackling food smells it usually only masks the scent and doesn’t actually tackle it’s source by detoxing the air, and so might I recommend the burning of a saucepan full of lemony water while you load the dishwasher?

It takes only moments to squeeze lemon juice into a pan of boiling water or slice half a lemon and add it to the pan and left to bubble on the stove, this little bit of lemony magic will freshen the air in an instant.

When the air is suitably refreshed, pour the boiling water down the sink to freshen the drains and poke the lemon slices on to the spokes of your dishwasher to freshen as it runs through its washing cycle.

Et voila! Multi-tasking the old-fashioned way


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