Talcum Powder Mattresses

Even if you follow all the wisest advice to keep your bedrooms cool in the Summer: keeping windows open and curtains closed, keeping the bed stripped back, banishing polyester based bed linen, using a fan, filling hot water bottles with COLD water and ice cubes and reducing the tog of quilts as low as possible, Summertime bedrooms can still be terribly sticky places to be, particularly for little ones who struggle to sleep on the best of days…

Tonight make sprinkling the mattress of each bed with a talc free dusting powder part of your evening routine. Using a sieve ensures even distribution quickly and if you make sure that you sprinkle only below where the pillows usually lie this is a safe and effective way of ensuring a sticky free nights sleep and preventing mattresses becoming sour and damp with perspiration over the course of the Summer months.

Try it: it really works!


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Talcum powder has a probably deservedly bad reputation, and so choosing something that does the same job safely is the answer and this one scented with lavender and clary sage is, I think, right up our street...

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