Summer Sheets

On the warmest of Summer nights, even the lightest of quilts and duvets can have you sweltering within moments. If you are anything like me you probably have a rather decent collection of vintage sheets in a variety of scrumptious and occasionally threadbare patterns and it is only recently that it struck me that they could be put to good use if combined to make the lightest of cotton or linen blankets for hot evenings, when a duvet has you sweating and a single sheet isn’t quite enough to induce sleepiness.

Don’t panic! What I am suggesting doesn’t involve sewing skills to rival those of the most accomplished seamstresses, though there is the teeniest bit of sewing involved…

It is simply a matter of lying two similar sized, but contrasting patterned sheets back to back and stitching them together, in one delicious swoop doubling their weight and adding strength to the more threadbare sheets in your collection, whilst creating one sheet with the weight of two, and simultaneously preventing the possibility of waking up tangled amongst them on a restless hot night.

All that and when the bed is made with the sheet turned neatly back upon itself, you get to see the second pattern displayed in all it’s scrumptious glory…

Happy, flower sprinkled nights, my Sweets.


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