Scented Envelopes

Hello Darlings, are you in the mood for a scrumptiously, puttery project today?

Shall we make something to counteract the warm whiffs of Summer? You see in my mind Summer smells of lemons, strawberries, mint and line-dried washing. And in reality it smells of stinky feet, un-washed laundry and flowers cut from the garden and turning the water they are stood in, pongy in an instant.

While keeping the windows open all day everyday is an absolute must, I thought it might be pleasant today to suffuse our afternoon in sweet scent and create a little batch of scented envelopes we can store and use all year round….

If you are lucky enough to own a stash of tissue lined, heavy stock envelopes then get them out in preparation. If not choose any not too flimsy, not too large, creamy envelopes, the more luxurious the better.#

Now pour a cup of salt into a bowl and mix with a cup of powdered milk, whichever sweet scented dried herbs/flowers you have to hand and ten to fifteen drops of any combination of aromatherapy oils according to personal taste and indeed your signature scent…

Mix and then grind together in a pestle and mortar or mini blender. Then use a spoon to pop two to three tablespoons of your fragrant powder into your envelopes and seal well.

Cut strips of vintage wallpaper or patterned wrapping paper just narrower than the width of the envelope and fold it in a band around each sachet and seal with a line of glue or double sided tape. Decorate, collage, add a label or length of ribbon as you see fit, then spray each envelope with a little blast of warm water fragranced with your oil blend.

Create a box for your sachets to live in, making sure that it is airtight when closed and line it with a length of paper scented with aromatherapy oil. Put your sachets inside, finish with a bundle of dried herbs, give each sachet a gentle squeeze to release the fragrance, then leave in the box for a week so the scent is thoroughly absorbed by the paper.
Use inside wardrobes, drawers, cushions, books, or in the base of laundry baskets and revive by gently pressing occasionally to release the fragrance all over again.

Have a lovely puttery day Darlings!


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