Reviving Straw Mats

The straw mat at my front door though adorned with quite the prettiest pale pink “welcome” was looking a little jaded and the one at the back door positively exhausted, when today I decided that the time had come to give them a little treat all of their own…

If your doormats are looking a little shabby too, then pick them up and take them into the garden. Lay them on the grass and fill a bucket with hot water. Add a big packet of household salt and stir. Then take a small hand held brush and brush as violently as you can manage, all over the surface of each mat, making sure you get right into the fibres to lift out any ingrained dirt. Shake off the dirt and any fibres that have come loose, then dip a soft cloth into your salty water and working in small circles, go across the surface of each mat, pressing the salty solution into the fibre, until the mat is wet but not soaking.

Leave to dry in the sun and you should come back to find your mats looking rather more perky than when you left them, with the fibres stiff again, and the natural colour of the straw revived.

Finish by lining the base of each mat with newspaper and they should see you through at least another season.

Happy Days Housekeepers!


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(P.S: It is ALWAYS worth paying a little more for a quality product when it comes to coir doormats, simply because they will last and last and can be cared for in a way that cheaper products simply can't...)

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