National Fairy Day

It was National Fairy Day the other day and in the honour of the occasion, might I suggest the planting of some thyme by the back door to invite the sprinkling of some fairy dust through the house?

Though folklore and fairy fantasy might strike you as utterly bonkers, it seems to me that we could all do with a little magic in our lives and suspending our dis-belief might be just the thing to encourage tiny acts of all things wondrous to happen in our lives…

Fairies, you see are mad about Thyme. It is to them an invitation to play, and it has the added benefit of being a scrumptiously fragrant way to frame the door to the back garden as our skirts swoosh against and bruise the leaves, while also being jam-packed with health benefits if taken as tea.

Not only is it thought to do battle with mouth ulcers and sore throats, it is also considered to be good for those for suffer from rheumatic pain, headaches, bronchial ailments and oh joy, flatulence!

Making Fairy Thyme tea then is simply a matter of opening the back door and plucking a few leaves from the two pots standing either side of your door, giving them a quick rinse, then steeping them in hot water, with a slice of lemon before drinking the resulting brew…

I want to believe, don’t you?


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