Christmas Planning Night

When it comes to Christmas, she who dedicates herself to really rather dedicated planning, is she who finds herself sitting pretty on Christmas Eve with all her festive geese in a row and a cozy cup of Egg Nog in hand.

So from the beginning of October we choose one night per week to get our Festive Planner out and work out exactly what needs to be done, bought, made and remembered in the run up to Christmas, making the occasion as jolly as we can by ritualising it with Christmas music, candlelight and a glass of sherry for a lovely dose of old-fashioned festivity…

The trick is to keep this routine going right up until Christmas, building anticipation in your own mind, keeping your shopping and present buying lists updated, planning as many puttery treats as you can squeeze in and making sure that the rest of your life stays on track before Christmas is allowed to consume it!

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  • Get my truly scrumptious 100 Things To Do at Christmas here...


Oct 03 2019


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