Baking Day

The aim of a regular Baking Day is to encourage you not necessarily to find yourself knee-deep in sugar and flour on a weekly basis but to remind you to use what you have to conjure up meals from basic ingredients long before you head to the supermarket.

This then is the day you take stock of what is in the fridge or pantry and work out what you can use those ingredients left for: whether it be a tray of roasted vegetables, or a plate full of breakfast muffins, a quiche with the odds and ends of cheese left, or a pan full of stock simmered overnight from the bones of yesterdays chicken.

Baking Day exists to remind you to practice creativity and a waste not, want not attitude to the food you bring into your home. Though should you have the time to fill the cake tin with something heavenly for elevenses, then this is, of course, all the cozier…



Feb 19 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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