Flower Cubes

On very, very hot days only water will really quench my relentless thirst and I often find myself serving it to friends too and rather wishing that it looked a little more extravagant than it usually does, no matter how fancy the jug or special the crystal tumblers…

Today after a browse around the local organic flower shop I found myself carrying three rather exuberant Nasturtium plants in the kind of vibrant shades of red and orange that would usually make me shudder were they destined for my lavender themed garden, but instead these happy little blooms were destined for my freezer so the brighter the better!

I took them home, plucked off the buds, removed the stalk and surrounding leaves and washed them gently in a bowl of warm water, holding each bloom and swishing it around the water to guarantee minimal damage.
Then each individual flower head was popped into an ice cube tray and water poured gently over to cover. I froze them for half an hour then removed them from the freezer and put each tray into a ziploc bag so they were protected, and now I have a drawer full of the prettiest ice-cubes in the world, waiting to decorate jugs of water the next time the sun comes bursting through the clouds….

Other flowers that can be used in this way?

Borage.* Geraniums.* Chamomile.* LemonVerbena.* Primrose.* Pansies.

And many others, but be sure to Google instructions for using each type before you freeze them as some require the removal of stems and pollen first…

Water with the WOW factor!


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