Though it is part of my evening routine to take a bath before I snuggle up in my rather becoming thermal nightie and socks with pom-pom combo, there are some nights when I can barely spare the energy, or indeed the will, to wander up the stairs, let alone run myself a sweetly scented bath and lounge around in fragrant waters when I could be curled up with a book, or dare I say it…  watching Coronation Street.

And yet if I don’t mark the end of the day by soothing my worn out achy lady bones, my mind descends into a sleepy slump and the night is lost to drooping eyelids and the relentless mean and nasty wriggle of the Restless Leg Syndrome I have been afflicted with since my pregnancy with Finn.

So on days like this I take a hot, steamy candlelit shower with a few drops of essential oil splattered on to the shower floor, then wrap up snuggly and go downstairs. All well and scrumptiously soothing. But it turns out that there is a better way: a little something that means we don’t have to risk life and limb scattering an oily substance on to a slippery shower base, a little something I suspect you all knew about and nobody thought to tell me, so all hail the ever so slightly blissful Shower Tablet!

(Dear me I’m sooooo paranoid! An aromatherapy conspiracy? I think not).

Anyway, who knew?? I just chuck one into the shower and before I know it I am standing in a cloud full of deeply fragrant steam. While I have only managed to get the Aura Cacia Eucalyptus ones here in foggy old Blighty (which unblocked a stuffy nose in a jiffy!), I see you lucky people state-side  are positively inundated with choice when it comes to aromatherapy in the shower.

Another gorgeous little something for our comfort drawers, Housekeepers?