So there we were this yukky rainy morning, wrapped up in my favorite Ralph Lauren duvet, having the kind of bleary eyed, just woke up don’t harass me yet, cosy snuggle it is only possible to have with a sleepy, wriggly three year old, telling each other hobgoblin stories and praying the rain would go off so we wouldn’t have to splash our way to nursery, when  the little monster  shattered my ego  forever.

"I love you Mummy"

"Oh Sweetie, I love you too"

"Know  why I love you Mummy?"

"Because  I make scrumptious  pizza babba?"

"No Mummy, your pizza is ridic-il-lious."

"Oh I’m sorry.Then why Finn?"

"Cos your boobies is like potatoes Mummy."

Wa-hey! Robbie Williams come and get me now! I’m quite a catch. My boobies are like potatoes.

Somebody shoot me.