Yup. I'm looking at you.

You with the cupboard stuffed with yarn and the drawer full of un-finished manuscripts. You who downloads everything she can from the internet and never ever looks at it again (let alone learns from it!). You with a million ideas and never enough energy/motivation/belief in herself to put them into action, but hey, you bought all the ingredients/tools/pretty stationery, you know - just in case.

I know you. Because I have been you. I too have been abundant with grandiose plans and spent money on courses I never got around to completing. I kept on accumulating all that I needed, without ever getting around to doing, until my desk was tottering under the weight of all the half-started projects and I was feeling both overwhelmed and deeply discouraged by my own lack of commitment.

For there lies the truth: it is ALWAYS about commitment.

It's not because you can't - you can learn anything, (even the most mind-bending of crochet stitches).

It's not because you haven't got time - heaven knows you spend enough time considering what to do next and shopping for everything you might need if only you could buy a "getaroundtoit" in the shops...

It's not because you haven't got the money - once upon a time you felt you had sufficient to get the project started didn't you?

And it's not because you are scared - because here's the truth: nobody has to see your efforts. The projects you do at home you can do in complete privacy.


The truth is that your efforts have so far been half-hearted because you couldn't commit to one project or another. Like a cad on Tinder who keeps swiping because one too many women takes his fancy, you cannot commit. Your attention keeps getting diverted and so you move on and on, accumulating past-times and projects and stuffing your head with yet more chaos and disappointment because you will not choose a project, get past the boredom that sometimes comes with learning new skills, and simply finish what you started.

Sooner or late it has to stop.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sooner AND later have arrived. All guns blazing.

So it's time to choose. To commit. And to EDIT THE HECK out of all the projects, yarn, art and craft supplies, writing, courses, and ingredients you KNOW you are never going to use.

It's time to be ruthless. To give up on all those projects you lost interest in years ago. And honestly, it really doesn't matter if the course cost a fortune, or you own absolutely everything you need to get the job done: it is irrelevant if you are truthful enough to admit to yourself that you will never commit to finishing it.

Here's the thing: I know you were dreading me asking you to confront your half-started projects and I also know how very attached you are to the idea of finishing them. But part of the Edited Woman process is about creating space for new paths along the journey and this I know for sure, you won't SEE the path of new possibilities if it is crowded with crafty clutter.

The Rules

1. Start thinking about ALL the half-finished projects in your life: craft projects, Pinterest boards, blogs, online courses, knitting, crocheting, half-painted canvases, journal projects, conversation threads on Tinder (ahem). Do they aline with the VISION of the Edited Life you created last week?

2. Then consider all the products you have accumulated for these projects. Allow yourself to be a teeny bit horrified...

3. Make a list of ALL the projects in your Edited Woman journal, and then be ruthless - cross off those you KNOW you aren't going to finish and recycle or gift all the products associated with them.

4. Then look what's left and estimate how long each product will take, before choosing just ONE project per month for the next year to commit to and FINISH, resolving not to start another project until the last one is finished. You should end up with a list of the next twelve months and their associated project in your journal

5. In the meantime promise yourself that you won't start anything new until all the outstanding projects you are committing to are finished and you can truly feel proud of what you have created or learned.

And breathe...