Domestic Immersion

If you believe that all the courses and planners in the world won’t help you climb out of your domestic rut, then Immersion is the answer.
For twenty-eight days, you and I will converse in a dedicated online work space, examining every aspect of your domestic life and over the four weeks, together create a plan for you to piece together a more authentic existence, a creative map to soothe your frustrated soul and a sanctuary for your soul, within a framework of routines and rituals that will actually work for YOUR unique circumstances.

This is deep work with a clear start and end date so that you can truly immerse yourself in your own life and come out the other side with a beautiful, workable plan for improving your existing circumstances and putting you back in charge of your own domestic destiny.

The cost for the month is $299.00 and there are just two spaces available each month so I can truly focus on working as closely as possible with you.

To get started, simply fill in the form below and I will be in touch as soon as possible…