I am having a twitchy day. Do you have those? Days when you feel out of sorts and restless and a teeny bit bonkers and probably a bit pre-menstrual  and maybe a tad bored? You know: one of those days.

Yesterday was lost to watching the entire first series of Vanderpump Rules (I am sooooo in love with Lisa Vanderpump), nibbling chocolate cupcakes stuffed with butter-cream and lying comatose on the sofa. The legacy of which laziness is no doubt the very reason why why I am having a twitchy day today, because my circulation has come to a halt and there is guilt buzzing round and round my head like so many bees…

So here we have my plan for turning a twitchy day into a doing day because doing days are the best kind of days and nothing gets your blood pumping like achievement now does it? And I am a person with a long list of things that need achieving: from phone calls that need making and appointments that need changing, to laundry that needs sorting and cheques that need paying in, letters that need writing and veg that needs transforming into something edible before the whole lot withers and dies. All that and I need to keep my darling little business going and my child’s mood slightly perkier than it has been in a week when he has told me that he feels 50% terrible and I can’t quite fathom why.

A woman’s  work is never done.

*Ok, so first up I am going to switch the computer off, because entering the internets is like falling down a hole in the ground and finding yourself having tea with the Mad Hatter when you are supposed to be pegging out the washing.

*Then I am going to whizz up a hormone balancing smoothie to soothe my inner madness and sit down to write a big, long list of everything that needs doing. Everything my darlings, from washing the dishes in the sink to organizing pet insurance and taking all the coats that are holding a Mothers meeting on the banister, up the stairs into the wardrobes in which they belong.

* Next I am going to pop on my shoes and go do everything that needs doing outside the house: from posting letters, to going the bank and nipping into the supermarket to top up on the lactose free milk I am currently trying Finn on.

* Then it will be home again to lock myself into the house so I am not tempted to seek coffee with any friend who will have me, and will instead get down to doing all the housey things on my mega-list of to-do’s.

* I will start first on creating a house I will comfortable enough to sit in to attend to everything that needs attending to at my desk. I will get the laundry going, fold that which is dry, mop the floor in the laundry room, change the beds, burn an energizing oil both upstairs and downstairs (probably a blend of lemon, bergamot and lavender) and don a cosy, over-sized cream cardi over the pinny tied at my waist, so I can throw the windows open and breathe a little fresh air in…

* Next I will eat a hormone balancing lunch of scrambled eggs on wholemeal sourdough and drink a gallon or three of water in silence. At the table. On my own.

* And then I intend to sit down and tackle all the administrative tasks I have been rather neatly ignoring for far too long. With a cup of white tea and some brain music

So there you have it: a plan of sorts because doing days are life-enhancing days and though most of me wants to curl up in a ball I know that by the end of the day I will be so grateful for having the wherewithal to transform hours that could so easily have been lost to lethargy, into a day that will see me ready to step into a brand new week feeling organised and worthy…

Won’t you do the same?