Have I mentioned my doillie obsession? I’ve got them coming out of my ears which is a good job, because while they might not be to everybodys taste, I adore them. (If they are good enough for Elvis!!) The skill involved! The pretty colours! The crocheted little pansies! The old lady factor!

Up until last week I had a good supplier: the cutest, wrinkliest little old man, who used to stash them on his stall for me, but to my horror, when I got there last week, he informed me in the thickest Bolton drawl you ever did hear:

"Can’t get em, for love, nor money…"

Now you wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but this is a man with his finger on the pulse of all that is shabby, and he went on to inform me that doillies are "in" with the very crowd that wouldn’t have sneezed on them a few months ago.

Woe is me.

A quick scout through some of the cooler house magazines revealed doillies where there have never been doillies before and I want to cry, so I am on a mission: I am celebrating the doillies finest hour with this list of fabulous doillie ideas, and I want every single one of you to take tea from a china cup resting on your prettiest little doillie this afternoon…

Delicious Doillies:

Aside from using them for all manner of crockery resting purposes, I’ve got them in the bathroom and the bedroom, and they decorate my kitchen a treat: looking particularly divine under my kitchen herbs…

Thread them on to ribbon and string across your windows so the sun makes pretty patterns on your walls.

Sew together to make tablemats.

Use them in the fridge (Who doesn’t want a pretty fridge?)

Stitch two the same together and stuff with lavender.

Scrunch them up to make gorgeous crocheted roses.

Wrap soap in them and display in a bowl in the bathroom.

Save them to decorate your tree at Christmas.

Wrap presents in them.

Thread ribbon around their edges and pull together to make pretty drawstring gift bags.

String them up and use them as curtain tiebacks.

Wrap tiny little cakes in them on a party table.

Use as jam jar covers.

Use as shelf trims.

Use soft ones as napkins at the table.


Me? I’m going to make a wall of these pretties framed in gilt and hang them on the stairs

One more job for puttering Thursday.

***This article originally appeared on The HouseKeepers Gazette.***