Oh blah, blah, blah, blah blah. I’m even starting to bore myself and I like me.

I suspect you see, that there is, somewhere out in the big wide world, a person who has made a little waxwork doll of me and is, for cheap thrills, sticking red hot needles in it, whenever said person suspects I am looking suspiciously content. I say this because not only have I destroyed all the BrocanteHome design templates, last night Finley tripped over the laptop wire and killed the computer stone dead. A quick trip to the ever so slightly bonkers computer doctors reveals that my hard drive is dead and the matter will cost billions to put right…

However, every cloud has to have a silver lining, because I insist upon it, so here are my reasons to smile past myself this week:

1) My Dad has fixed my tumble dryer. So I’m back in soft towel heaven. Yey!

2) Oh and yes, my Dad has fixed my tumble dryer so I’m back in soft towel heaven!

3) And of course there is always the fact that my Dad has fixed my tumble dryer so I’m back in soft towel heaven!

I tell ya, if I wasn’t so bloody miserable, I could honestly say I’ve never been happier. I’ve just found the loveliest little first edition copy of Mrs Harris Goes To New York, and I am giving serious thought to nipping over to the bakers and buying a cream stuffed chocolate eclair…

Needs must m’dears. Now stop sticking pins in me immediately. You are on your final warning!