Goodness the things that happen to you. First you meet a man happy to cook you bangers and mash and keep you going with a steady supply of chocolate cake (I’m the bestest secret keeper in the world aren’t I??) and then you win a contest you didn’t even enter…

This week the BrocanteHome  Community Toolbar won the  Conduit Coolest Toolbar Contest and was bestowed with compliments  the likes of which I haven’t heard since I went to the sixth form school dance in a green mini dress and suede over the knee boots, looking, for all the world, like a cross between Kate Bush and Robin Hood…


"This toolbar does a fantastic job of utilizing the most suitable content delivery functions for the content being delivered. For instance, BrocanteHome Chronicle updates are sent out via 2-way messages, rather than by RSS, so that community members can comment directly on the updates, in the same space. Perfect for this community."

Ehud Zagury – Software Team Group Leader


"BrocanteHome promotions are sugar and spice and everything nice. They manage to tread the gentle balance of matching the site perfectly, yet still succeeding to stand out."

Brock Kaye – Director of Business Development


"By far the most stunning aspect of this lovely community toolbar is its design. It’s all elegance. Not only does it smack of high-class tea party, but replete with the blog’s signature polka dots, it appears as a completely uninterrupted extension of the site. As the BrocanteHome Toolbar download page puts it, the toolbar is ‘The most scruptious way to stay in touch with the BrocanteHome community’. I could not agree more."

Hai Habot – Manager of Publisher Affairs

Yey! BrocanteHome is officially cool. I have officially got appallingly awful sartorial taste and just for the record the bangers and mash was served with a weird but really rather delicious combination of gravy and baked beans…   

Never mind. May life always be a prize winning bean sprinkled beach.