We can’t avoid it any longer. It is November and dear old Christmas is on it’s way, sure as eggs are eggs! And so my little Pumpkins I thought I had best share my plans for Christmas on Brocante with you.

This week marks the sixth anniversary of BrocanteHome and so once again I find myself contemplating how to re-invent that which I have wrote about for the past five festive seasons: in essence contemplating re-inventing a tinsel sprinkled wheel much steeped in tightly fastened tradition!

In line with my commitment to FOCUS on my chosen ambitions for myself and this site, and being deeply aware of the fact that I am already seriously over extended by both the Puttery Post and my Darling Trash It or Treasure It, I am loathe to commit to a festive anything liable to compromise my delivery of both (forgive me Sweeties, my heart is always in the right place!), so this year both the Christmas Planner and indeed the Christmas Countdown will stay exactly as they scrumptiously, deliciously already are, and those of you who have bought either in the past may email me for repeat delivery should you have lost your original download, while those new to Christmas on Brocante can take advantage of the special combined price of $25.00 for both the Planner and the Countdown.

But this wouldn’t be Brocante if there wasn’t something new with which to mark every gloriously cinnamon scented day of December and so I am hatching plans for a special little something to add a twinkle to each day of the Advent Calender and once I have dotted all the i’s I will pop everything you need to know into the Brocante Newsletter next week…

In the meantime I will of course  keep my eyes peeled for all manner of Christmassy loveliness in and around the internet, the Housekeepers Carousel will temporarily become the Housekeepers Stocking (OoEr Missus!) and come stuffed with all my festive discoveries and because I love you all so very, very much I will be putting together a long list of all new puttery treats to delight your festive hearts with.

This year I want my approach to Christmas to be calm. Almost subdued. Though my sister and I nearly choked laughing when my Mum declared her wish for this Christmas to be “elegant” (Do take those tangerines out of your bra Dear Sister!), I appreciate the sentiment and imagine that all she really wants is for someone to take the madness out of the Festive season and allow the holiday to be both sentimental and understated.

This then is our mission here, my Sweets. Sentimentality for all our Christmases past and a promise that this year we will not drive ourselves loopy trying to create it.

And yes Housekeepers, there was a part of me laughing in preemptive despair even as I wrote that sentence. Bless us all.x