What Ails YOU?

  It has long been my belief that we know exactly what ails us and choose to pretend it doesn't because what ails us is usually something we rather adore and cannot contemplate living without. In my case it is gluten. I am positively gluttonous about gluten. Oh gluten how I love thee! A french stick still warm from the oven dripping in salty butter? Yes please! Iced donut? Why I don[...]


The February Edit

  Happy Saturday Honeybuns. Who fancies a teeny bit of ever so restorative retail therapy today? I am longing for Spring and swinging a basket over my arm as I make my way in to the village, peeking at the heads of tulips, snowdrops and daffodils forcing their lovely way through the last vestiges of Winter strikes me as quite the most soothing way to celebrate this cheery little su[...]


The Family Portrait

Once upon a time family portraits were a rare and exquisite thing, requiring the wearing of one's finest stuffy dowdery and a solemn, or mystified expression. Nowadays most of us have at our disposal, the ability and opportunity to take a dozen snaps aday, letting them live forever in the cloud and stripping from the memorization of precious moments, every last ounce of ceremony, purpose[...]


American Housewife

Oooh people I want to watch this! Mostly because I relate a little too closely to the plight of a not so perfect housewife in a sea of small town perfection... "Katie Otto, a confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, filled with “perfect” mommies and their “perfect” offspring..."     [youtube[...]


The Melissa Bath Ritual

This my lovelies, is the bath to take when it seems as though the whole world is against you and you are oozing bruised and bad feelings out of every pore. You know, one of those days... Melissa is a particularly spiritual oil, highly regarded as being blessed with the ability to soothe emotional pain, cleanse damaged aura's and sedate jangly, troubled nerves. The idea with this bath is t[...]