The Wellness Journal

Heavens to Betsy, something has got to give. I have turned into a sloth. All blah and hanging about achieving very little and indulging in a most unbecoming amount of unsloth-like anxiety. Truth be told I feel rubbish. And though rubbishness has over the years come and gone in my life, occasionally I reach a crisis point and know that I am the only person that can give it its marching ord[...]


The Creative Home Spa

My friend and I once discussed the possibility of opening a hotel for tired ladies, with a stern, bossy-boots, no-nonsense Hattie Jaques style  Matron at the helm who would insist we did only nice things for ourselves during our two night stay. A someone in a crisp white uniform who would feed us only nutritious food, run baths, cajole us into bed early and listen while we spilled out[...]


A Quiet Morning Ritual

  If someone asked you how you feel right now, would you be able to tell them? Would you be able to not only grasp your innermost feelings, but also put them into words?  I avoid myself. I see my feelings and blink them away. I pretend I do not feel them at all, because to feel them wholly, to sit with them, would mean to acknowledge them and that requires action of the kin[...]


Sleepy Lotion

Lush Sleepy Lotion

It is not often that I discover something I rather insist every tired lady on the planet hops out and treats herself to, but after buying in to all the online hype surrounding Lush Sleepy Lotion, and rushing out to try it for myself, I have decided I have happened upon the elixir of good sleep and would be neglecting in my duty to you, if I did not suggest you do the same. Sleep has alw[...]


The Hashimotos Funk

One of the things I have never sought to hide here at BrocanteHome is that both my mood and energy ebb and flow. That sometimes I can. And sometimes I can't. It is hard to pinpoint why I can sometimes veer off course. Indeed early this morning, as Ste sat up in bed with his headphones jammed firmly in his ears, committed to his morning meditation practise, I lay next to him throbbin[...]