The Wellness Journal – Resources

Last week I loudly and not so proudly declared the necessity to SORT MYSELF OUT. And thus began a new well-being regime, much compromised by the dailiness of life, but apparently working all the same for in the first seven days I managed to shift a rather astonishing NINE INCHES from my person. While I have no doubt that this is almost certainly "water" it strikes me as proof that[...]


The Wellness Journal

Heavens to Betsy, something has got to give. I have turned into a sloth. All blah and hanging about achieving very little and indulging in a most unbecoming amount of unsloth-like anxiety. Truth be told I feel rubbish. And though rubbishness has over the years come and gone in my life, occasionally I reach a crisis point and know that I am the only person that can give it its marching ord[...]


Thinking Week

I gave myself a rather boomtastic headache yesterday. So boomtastic I had to be tucked up in bed at nine o'clock with a cup of hot chocolate and a Night Nurse because I had convinced myself that a sniffly nose and a headache equals the kind of flu Finn's Dad was spreading to all and sundry this week and only Night Nurse could tackle such a crisis. In truth I had over-thunk. You see in m[...]


Life-Long Learning for Homemakers

My female need to know has never been quite so fiery. I am so very hungry for information: from where Finley is RIGHT NOW (still asleep having now lost his voice completely) to what drinking nettle tea will do for my well-being and why those who sell deep-sheets don't make them quite deep enough to truly fit my mattress. I spend many an hour following my own (oft slightly crazy) lines of[...]


The Creative Home Spa

My friend and I once discussed the possibility of opening a hotel for tired ladies, with a stern, bossy-boots, no-nonsense Hattie Jaques style  Matron at the helm who would insist we did only nice things for ourselves during our two night stay. A someone in a crisp white uniform who would feed us only nutritious food, run baths, cajole us into bed early and listen while we spilled out[...]