Wardrobe Heartbreak

To me the most difficult thing to de-clutter in the house is my wardrobe. In all honesty I find it difficult to talk about because so much of who I am is wrapped up in the clothes hanging there: and thus because I find the clothes hanging there so absolutely without the Je ne sais quoi I crave, I stand gawping at the glaring disparity between who I am and who I think I am every time my war[...]


One Hundred Tiny Pleasures.

Some day's we need shoring up by the teeny tiny things. The things that pass unnoticed. We need to open our eyes, prop them open with matchsticks if need be and sensually consume life in all it's silly, scrumptious, everyday glory... Today is one of those days. Here for my own pleasure is a list of loveliness on a tiny scale... 1.   A perfect blush coloured apple  sliced  into tra[...]


Hear No Evil, See No Evil.

To my sisters constant disappointment I never know what is going on in the world.  I don't watch news programmes,  buy newspapers,  listen to the radio, subscribe to newsfeeds,  join in current affairs discussion, or choose to voice my vastly under-educated political opinion. But the fact is that we live in a fast paced, media driven society and there is  no escaping the stories tha[...]


The Skinny Housewife.

In my dotage I am destined to be a barrell shaped, floral pinny wearing, big bosomed cuddly Grandma. Women of a certain age become elegantly slim  or, for want of a  better phrase, cushioned with love, and in my case, mayonnaise. So there is no hope for me. My fate is already sealed. But for those of you who don't fancy yourself  as a geriatric version of Ma Larkin, there is[...]


Brocante Vapour Rub

One has a cold but one mustn't moan. Even when my nose is so red it is making small children laugh out loud and the sun is cracking the flags Never mind. Lets do something constructively puttery  instead. How about whipping up some of the BrocanteHome version of Vicks' vapour rub? INGREDIENTS 2oz Petroleum Jelly 6 Drops of Lavender Oil 6 Drops of Eucalyptus Oil 4 Drops of Camphor Oi[...]