The Silent Man and Me

There is a sort of taboo about discussing our relationships on the internet: as if telling the truth about how we feel about those we share our intimate lives with would be the worst kind of dis-loyalty. And for those who write about home, it seems doubly destructive, as if discussing what really happens within our own four walls would break the spell we are so careful to cast. Bu[...]


The Wellness Journal – Part Two

So let's face it, a Wellness Journal with me in charge was never going to be a straightfoward matter now was it? I do wish I was the kind of blogger who could inspire you with massive change and reliable output, but heckity-pie I'm just not. For heaven's sake, do as I say and not as I do won't you? Anyways. As you know I began with good intentions, I joined WeightWatchers, gathered all[...]


The Wellness Journal – Resources

Last week I loudly and not so proudly declared the necessity to SORT MYSELF OUT. And thus began a new well-being regime, much compromised by the dailiness of life, but apparently working all the same for in the first seven days I managed to shift a rather astonishing NINE INCHES from my person. While I have no doubt that this is almost certainly "water" it strikes me as proof that[...]


The Wellness Journal

Heavens to Betsy, something has got to give. I have turned into a sloth. All blah and hanging about achieving very little and indulging in a most unbecoming amount of unsloth-like anxiety. Truth be told I feel rubbish. And though rubbishness has over the years come and gone in my life, occasionally I reach a crisis point and know that I am the only person that can give it its marching ord[...]


The Creative Home Spa

My friend and I once discussed the possibility of opening a hotel for tired ladies, with a stern, bossy-boots, no-nonsense Hattie Jaques style  Matron at the helm who would insist we did only nice things for ourselves during our two night stay. A someone in a crisp white uniform who would feed us only nutritious food, run baths, cajole us into bed early and listen while we spilled out[...]