Daily Posts


A Good Friday

A morning in the garden, on a lane where it seems every house possessing a man tipped him out of bed and sent him out to mow the lawn. And as it is clear one must try to fit in, I wasn't about to declare myself the exception by allowing the man of this house to get away with what is clearly prescribed behaviour around these parts. So into the garden we went. Him insisting I accompany[...]


Christmas The Brocante Home Way

There's no getting away from it and rumour has it that if you can't get away from it, you are going to have to get on board with it, and so, me darlings in the spirit of Christmas, last night I poured myself a cozy cup of non-alcoholic mulled wine (you know, the kind with the fun taken out!), let Ste sit and wrap presents, and got on with gathering all of my Christmas posts into one l[...]


Thinking Week

I gave myself a rather boomtastic headache yesterday. So boomtastic I had to be tucked up in bed at nine o'clock with a cup of hot chocolate and a Night Nurse because I had convinced myself that a sniffly nose and a headache equals the kind of flu Finn's Dad was spreading to all and sundry this week and only Night Nurse could tackle such a crisis. In truth I had over-thunk. You[...]


Christmas In July!

I don't care if you are cringing. As she in charge of making your life less ordinary, this I know for sure: she who plans early catches the Christmas Crackers before they are all sold out.  And so this is the week I am inviting you to hop on board the Christmas train with BrocanteHome. I know. I know the kids have only just finished school and there are holidays and uniforms and sunny[...]



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