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Housekeeping 365. Again.

You have been asking me for a simple way to embrace all that I have to teach in The Salon. You have said that you want to start incorporating my routines and rituals but that you don't know where to start. You have said that you feel a little overwhelmed and would like me to hold your hand a little tighter as we set off along the road to a life less ordinary together. And I heard you.[...]


The Penna Keyboard

  There are things in this life that I decide without which, life will not be worth living. This is partly because I am a spoilt little (big) Madam, and partly because I am a Drama Queen. Not for me the "wouldn't it be nice to haves..."  of this world. No Siree, I am right there deciding that if something is wonderful I have to have it or else everyone I know will have to suffer th[...]


The Five Ways We Transformed Our Finances.

  Money. Ouch. Yep that's all. Ouch. I envy those people who can stretch a tenner out for a week and started saving when they were six. But it just isn't me. I can't quite manage frugal, because frugal seems so darn dull. But I am now a fully-fledged grown-up and there is just no getting round it: one cannot avoid making sensible financial choices all ones life. So there comes a po[...]


The Gin Barberdoo

  All of a sudden I'm a social elephant. Known for laughing too loudly and falling asleep on the sofa when the taxi takes an age to arrive and I am up way past my usually preposterously early bedtime. Not only are we attending parties past ourselves but we are also, spurred on by the success of our last effort, in the midst of organizing another. Oh yes. Not content with nearly send[...]


Trello For Housekeeper’s Is Here For All!

  Eeeekkkk! Seriously, I could crush a grape, I'm that excited to be able to announce the launch of my lovely (if I do say so myself!) Trello for Housekeeper's System. You see I want you to get the muddle that is keeping house out of your head and in to the devices I know you are using daily: your blessed, beloved mobile phone, your iPad and your laptop. I want you to be able to swi[...]